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15 May 2020

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2020-05-15 number 46

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                                                      Published by Authority

  Vol. XCVIII, No. 46                                    15th MAY, 2020                                         Price RTGS$20,00

General Notice 837 of 2020.                                                   Documents for the above tender will be issued at Chivi
                                                                              Rural District Council Head Office (Stand No. 177/78) to
         PARIRENYATWA GROUP OF HOSPITALS                                      interested bidders upon payment of a non-refundable tender
                                                                              fee of RTGS$100,00.
                 Domestic Competitive Tenders
                                                                              Tenderers must meet the following conditions:
  TENDERS must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed                   • Provide certified copies of certificate of incorporation
on the outside with the tender number, description, the closing date               and company registration certificates.
and must be posted in time to be sorted into Post Office Box CY               • Provide a certified copy of valid ZIMRA Tax Clearance
 198, Causeway, or delivered by hand to Procurement Mangement                      Certificate.
Unit, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, Internal Audit Office, before          • Be registered with the Procurement Regulatory Authority
 1000 hours.                                                                       of Zimbabwe and proof of the same document.
Tender number                                                                 • Bids to be in RTGS$.
ENGPRO.03/2020(Retender).Supply,installationandcommissioning                  Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes (2 copies
        of kitchen equipment.                                                 marked original and copy) endorsed on the outside with the
ENGPRO.05/2020. Supply and installation of two (2) distribution               advertised tender number, closing date and description of
        boards for the Medical school substation. Compulsory site             tender. Tender documents must be deposited to the tender
        visit date: 26th May, 2020, at 1100 hours.                            box at the Chivi Rural District Council reception on or
                                                                              before the closing date. The tender opening will be done on
PGE.06/2020. Supply and delivery of plumbing materials.                       22nd May, 2020, at 1400 hours in the council’s boardroom
FUM.01/2020. Provision of fumigation services. Compulsory site                and representatives of bidders are free to attend the tender
        visit date: 26th May, 2020, at 1100 hours.                            opening.
ANAE.01/2020. Supply and delivery of anaesthetic medicines.                    N.B: Representatives of bidders or bidders must put on face
CARD.01/2020. Supply and delivery of cardiac medinices.
                                                                               Chivi Rural District Council does not bind itself to accept the
BAN.01/2020. Supply and delivery of bandages and dressings.                    lowest or any tender and reserves the right to accept whole
SURG.01/2020. Supply and delivery of surgicals and sundries.                   or part of any tender. The sealed envelopes with completed
                                                                               tenders to be addressed as follows:
DISP02/2020. Supply and delivery of disposables.
                                                                               The Chief Executive Officer,
SUT.01/2020. Supply and delivery of sutures.                                   Attention: Mr. T. Matavire,
VAC.01/2020. Supply and delivery of vacolitres.                                Chivi Rural District Council,
                                                                               P. O. Box 527,
        Closing date for the above tenders is 16th June, 2020, at 10.00        Chivi.
        a.m. Tender documents can be inspected and are obtainable              Contact: 0777039769
        from Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, Procurement
        Department upon payment of a non-refundable fee of              General Notice 839 of 2020.
        zWl$200,00, per copy in the Accounts Department.
                                                                                DEPOSIT PROTECTION CORPORATION (DPC)
General Notice 838 of 2020.
                                                                                   Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding
                                                                          THE Deposit Protection Corporation (DPC) invites reputable
                          Invitation for Bids                           suppliers registered with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of
                                                                        Zimbabwe (PRAZ) to participate in the below tender:
  TENDERS are invited from registered and reputable companies           Tender number
for the following requirements:
                                                                        DPC NCB.02/2020. Supply and delivery of motor vehicle (Nissan
Tender number
                                                                               Navara Double Cab). Quantity: One (1). Closing date and
CRDC/IGF/WT1/20. Solar water pumps and borehole materials.                     time: 16th June, 2020, at 1000 hours.
        Delivery place: Chivi Rural District Council Offices. Closing
                                                                               Interested and eligible bidders may obtain further information
        date: 22nd May, 2020, at 1300 hours.                                   from DPC Procurement Management Unit, Evelyn House,
CRDC/IGF/BW05/20. Building materials. Delivery place: Wards 5                  Procurement Office, 26, Fife Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe,
        and 27 Chivi. Closing date: 22nd May, 2020, at 1300 hours.             Telephone: +263 242 250 900/1: E-mail: procurement®

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