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22 May 2020

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2020-05-22 number 49

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                                                     Published by Authority

  Vol. XCVIII, No. 49                                  22nd MAY, 2020                                       Price RTGS$20,00

General Notice 863 of 2020.
                                          CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT [CHAPTER 23:02]

                              Zimbabwe Revenue Authority: Notice of Intention to sell Unclaimed Vehicles

  NOTICE is hereby given in terms of section 39(2) of the Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 23:02], that the following vehicles will
be dealt with in terms of section 39(3) and 39(4) of the Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 23:02] if not claimed within 30 days of the
publication of this notice.
  The owners of these vehicles are unknown and the goods will be sold if not claimed within thirty days of the publication of this notice.
The vehicles are accident damaged and were abandoned at Vehicle Inspection Depots in Gwanda and Bulawayo. The vehicles are being
held at Manica Container Depot, Stand No. 3041, Institute Avenue, Raylton, Bulawayo, and Vehicle Inspection Depot premises in Gwanda.

                                                                                                               MS. F. MAZANI,
22-5-2020.                                                                     Commissioner-General Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.
                                                     UNCLAIMED VEHICLES
       DETENTION      DATE OF                           REG           ENGINE           CHASSIS
 No                                    MAKE                                                            STATUS     YEAR      LOCATION
        DETAILS      DETENTION                        NUMBER          NUMBER           NUMBER

                                   TOYOTA                                                             Accident             Container
  1     N/S 023183    14/12/2011                   REG# B960ACT     UNKNOWN       MX75-0004189                   Unknown
                                   CRESSIDA                                                           damaged              Depot-
                                   HOMEMADE        REG# LH-                                                                VID -
  2    RIH 188365    14/10/2015                                     UNKNOWN       NOT SEEN                       Unknown
                                   LIGHT TRAILER   M588GP                                                                  Gwanda
                                   TOYOTA PICK                                                        Accident             VID -
  3    RIH 188395    14/10/2015                    REG# PHZ641GP      612160      5R2206954                      Unknown
                                   UP                                                                 Damaged              Gwanda

                                   DATSUN          REG# DR-                                           Accident             VID -
  4    RIH 188394    14/10/2015                                                   A09544                         Unknown
                                   SEDAN           R861GP                                             Damaged              Gwanda

                                   HOMEMADE                                                                                VID -
  5    RIH 1188368   14/10/2015                    REG# ND72487           -       AE901020151DC1195              Unknown
                                   LIGHT TRAILER                                                                           Gwanda
                                   MITSUBISHI                                                         Accident             VID -
  6    RIH 111758C   17/08/2010                    REG# JHK418GP          -       A11NV020201                    Unknown
                                   PICK UP                                                            Damaged              Gwanda
                                   HOMEMADE        REG# WFL-                                                               VID -
  7    RIH 111759C   17/08/2010                                                   NOT SEEN                       Unknown
                                   LIGHT TRAILER   166GP                  -                                                Gwanda

                                   HOMEMADE                                                                                VID -
  8    RIH 111760C   17/08/2010                    REG# KBP366GP                  NOT SEEN                       Unknown
                                   LIGHT TRAILER                          -                                                Gwanda
                                   HOMEMADE                                                                                VID -
  9    RIH 111762C    17/08/2010                   REG# THF865GP          -       NOT SEEN                       Unknown
                                   LIGHT TRAILER                                                                           Gwanda
                                                   REG#                                               Accident             VID -
  10   RIH 188393     14/10/2015   FORD SIERRA                      RMM01506      PR268268                       Unknown
                                                   TMN870GP                                           Damaged              Gwanda
                                   HOMEMADE                                                                                VID -
  11   RIH 188364    14/10/2015                    REG# YBR087GP          -       NOT SEEN                       Unknown
                                   LIGHT TRAILER                                                                           Gwanda
                                   HOMEMADE        REG# XVW-                                                               VID -
  12   RIH 188366    14/10/2015                                                   NOT SEEN                       Unknown
                                   LIGHT TRAILER   108GP                  -                                                Gwanda
                                   HOMEMADE        REG# TVW-                      AA9A175006C-                             VID -
  13   RIH 188367    14/10/2015                                                                                  Unknown
                                   LIGHT TRAILER   344GP                  -       MP1201                                   Gwanda

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