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1 January 2021

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-01-01 number 1

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                                                                Published by Authority

  Vol. XCIX, No. 1                                             1st JANUARY, 2021                                           Price RTGS$ 155,00

General Notice 1 of 2021.                                                            Resources:    Financial and Human resources in order to
                                                                                     demonstrate capability to perform the contract and at least
                                                                                     three referees where the supplier had supplied the same
                       [CHAPTER 10:31]
                                                                                     Other       requirements:    Motivated,     honesty   guards    to   be
    Dismissal of Chief Executive Officer for NetOne Cellular
                              (Private) Limited
                                                                                     Supervision of performance: Routine checks by                    Rl’AZ
                                                                                     Administration Department and bidder’s security                   guard
   IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 11(2) of the Public Entities
                                                                                     supervisor should sign the register during night patrols.
Corporate Governance (General) Regulations, 2018, published in
Statutory Instrument 168 of 2018, that Mr Lazarus Muchenje, the
                                                                             General Notice 3 of 2021.
Chief Executive Officer for NetOne Cellular (Private) Limited, is
hereby dismissed with effect from 21st December, 2020.                                           INSIZA RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL
                                                 S.     MUTANGADURA,
                                                                               Domestic Tenders—Award of Contract for Goods Information
                                        Acting Board Chairperson for
1-1-2021.                           NetOne Cellular (Private) Limited.       1. Motor bike award
                                                                             Country: Zimbabwe
General Notice 2 of 2021.
                                                                             Executing agency: Insiza Rural.
 RADIATION PROTECTION AUTHORITY OF ZIMBABWE                                  Name of tender: IRDC/DMN/GDS/04/2020.
                                                                             Name of project: Supply of 4 x 150cc off road motor bikes.
                            Invitation to Tender                             Procurement Mode: Competitive bidding.
                                                                             Name of winning bidder and address: SKM Motor Cycles (Private)
  TENDERS are invited from registered companies for provision of               Limited, 100, Lytton Road, Harare.
security services. Tender bids must be submitted to the Procurement          Bid price as read out: (US$4 840,00).
Management Unit, RPAZ, 1, McCaw Drive, Avondale West, Harare.                Evaluated price: (US$4 840,00).
                                                                             Contract award price: (US$4 840,00).
   Documents for the above referenced tender will be issued to
interested bidders upon payment of non-refundable tender fee                 2. Computer hardware
of RTGS$300,00, from Accounts Office, Radiation Protection                   Name of tender: IRDC/GDS/ADM/03/2020.
Authority of Zimbabwe, 1, McCaw Drive, Avondale West, Harare.                Name of project: Delivery and supply of a one (1) server, nine (9).
  Tender bids must be enclosed in (two) sealed envelopes and                   desk tops, three (3) laptops.
endorsed outside with the advertised tender number.                          Procurement mode: Competitive bidding.
                                                                             Name of winning bidder and address: Tamed Marketers (Private)
   Your submissions should reach RPAZ Offices not later than the
                                                                               Limited, 82a, Jason Moyo Street: Sterling House: Ground Floor:
closing date on 28th of January, 2021, at 1000 hours, TelOne time.
Tender number                                                                Bid price as read out: (RTGS$ZW2 046 000,00).
                                                                             Cancelled Lots: 3 x desktops, 1 x continuous printer, 4 x printers,
RPAZITF.21-2020. Provision of security services Harare Head Office.             1 x GIS equipment.
        Services to be performed: 16-hour night guard service during         Garmin GPS Receiver, 3 x Android tablets.
        week days (Monday to Friday) and 24-hour guard service               Evaluated price: (RTGS$1 810 000,00).
        during holidays and weekends (Saturday and Sunday).                  Contract award price: (RTGS$1 810 000,00).
        Location(s): RPAZ Harare Office, No. 1, McCaw Drive,                    Any bidder who wishes to ascertain the grounds upon which
        Avondale, Harare.                                                    its proposal was not selected, should request any further details/
        Time of performance: Week days (Monday-Friday) 1600                  explanation from the Executing Agency.
        hours to 0800 hours. Weekends and holidays (Saturday and
        Sundays) 24 hours.                                                   General Notice 4 of 2021.

        Duration of contract: Contract to run f or one year from day                         NETONE CELLULAR (PRIVATE) LIMITED
        of signing and specific dates to be indicated on the contract
        document.                                                                                         Invitation to Tender
        Manpower:      Manpower to be determined by the bidder                 Bidders are invited for the supply of the following:
        considering the workload after site visit, ideal routine check­
        up by supervisor.                                                    Tender number
        Equipment: Supplier to provide equipment ideal for the job           NET/ADM/15/20. Tender for the provision of cleaning                    services.
        requirement for best quality performance.                                  Closing date: 14th January, 2021, at 1000 hours.
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