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8 January 2021

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-01-08 number 5

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                                                    Published by Authority

  Vol. XCIX, No. 5                                 8th JANUARY, 2021                                     Price RTGS$155,00

General Notice 7 of 2021.                                           General Notice 8 of 2021.
                       Notice of Awards
                                                                                      Notice of Tender Cancellation
  THE following tenders were awarded by Reserve Bank of
Zimbabwe from July to December, 2020:                                NOTICE is hereby given to all prospective service providers/
Tender number                                                      bidders/tenderers that the following tender has been cancelled:
RBZ/DOM/011/2020. Supply and delivery of protective clothing       Tender number
      (Lot 3). Winning bidder: Eduworld (Private) Limited,         ZCDC./T017/2020. Tender for the provision of contract mining
      Hungwe House, 69, Jason Moyo Avenue, Harare. Contract               and processing services. Closing date: 29th January, 2021.
      value ZW$: 1,167,900,00.
                                                                          Reason for cancellation: Changes in the organisation’s
RBZ/DOM/011/2020. Supply and delivery of protective clothing              strategic thrust and requirements which necessitated the
      (Lots 1, 2, 4 and 5). Winning bidder: Elegant Edge (Private)        changes in scope of works.
      Limited, 18637, McDonald Road, Eastlea, Harare. Contract
      value ZW$: 1,991,060,00.                                            Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (Private)
                                                                          Limited apologises for any inconvenience caused. Any queries
RBZ/DOM/012/2020. Supply and delivery of corporate wear (Lot              relating to this cancellation notice may be addressed to the
      4). Winning bidder: Eduworld (Private) Limited, Hungwe              email: tenders@zcdco.com
      House, 69, Jason Moyo Avenue, Harare. Contract value
      ZW$: 3,215,160,00.                                           General Notice 9 of 2021.
RBZ/DOM/012/2020. Supply and delivery of corporate wear (Lots 1,               PFURA RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL
     2 and 3). Winning bidder: Appointment Corporate Zimbabwe
     (Private) Limited, Fifth Floor, Karigamombe, 53, Samora                       Invitation to Competitve Bidding
     Machel Avenue, Harare. Contract value ZW$: 6,257,125,00.
RBZ/DOM/013/2020. Provision of sanitary services for a period of     PFURA Rural District Council invites bids from PRAZ registered
     three years.Winning bidder: Nemchem International (Private) vehicle suppliers in the category of G/N/003 (new light vehicles)
     Limited, 9, Spurr Road, New Ardbennie, Harare. Contract      for the supply and delivery of the following:
     value ZW$: 349,225,00.                                          One double cab pick-up light vehicle truck
RBZ/DOM/014/2020. Supply and delivery of power distribution         Two single cab pick-up light vehicle trucks
     modules. Winning bidder: Compulink Systems (Private)
     Limited, 313, Samora Machel Avenue, Eastlea, Harare.            Specifications are contained in a bid document that can be obtained
     Contract value ZW$: 691,652,12.                              after payment of a non-refundable fee of ZW$900,00, either through
                                                                  our Merchant code (*151*2*2*150227*Amt) or through our zb Bank
RBZ/DOM/015/2020. Servicing of firefighting systems (sprinkler    A/C number 4413 095378 202, Mt Darwin branch. After payment
     and fire suppression). Winning bidder: Adalet Fire Engineers email details to pfuraproc@gmail.com
     (Private) Limited, 12, Bristol Road, Workington, Harare.
     Contract value ZW$:1,058,048,66.                                Mandatory requirements:
RBZ/DOM/016/2020. Provision of fumigation services for a period      1. Proof of registration with PRAZ for year 2021.
     of three years. Nemchem International (Private) Limited,        2. Current Tax Certificate copy.
     9, Spurr Road, New Ardbennie, Harare. Contract value           3. Certificate of Incorporation copy.
     ZW$:618,300,00, per annum.
                                                                    4. Company Profile.
RBZ/DOM/017/2020. Supply and delivery manual pallet lifters.
     Winning bidder: Barzem Enterprises, 10, Harrow Road,            5. NSSA compliance certificate.
     Msasa, Harare. Contract value ZW$: 533,540,72.                  Closing date and time for receiving bids will be 1000 hours on
                                                                  Friday, 15th January, 2021.
RBZ/DOM/017/2020. Supply and delivery of corporate notebooks
     and 2021 diaries. Winning bidder: Tram Graphics (Private) Chief Executive Officer,
     Limited, 10, Frank Johnson Avenue, Eastlea, Harare. Contract Pfura Rural District Council,
     value ZW$: 2,671,027,38.                                     P O. Box 277,
RBZ/DOM/018/2020. Supply and delivery of two (2) digital screens Mt Darwin.
     Winning bidder: Haya Technology (Private) Limited, 10,       Cell: 0772700912
     Van Praagh Avenue, Milton Park, Harare. Contract value       Email: pfuraproc@gmail.com
     ZW$: 486,545,86.
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