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15 January 2021

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-01-15 number 7

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                                                     Published by Authority

  Vol. XCIX, No. 7                                   15th JANUARY, 2021                                     Price RTGS$155,00

General Notice 24 of 2021.                                           General Notice 25 of 2021.
                                                                                     PLUMTREE TOWN COUNCIL
                                                                        Invitation to Tender Domestic National Competitive Bidding
          Invitation to Domestic Competitive Tenders
                                                                       Tender number
  MARONDERA Rural District Council (MRDC) invites bids from
suitably qualified bidders of the following requirements:              PTC /ICT/G01/2021. Supply and delivery of ICT equipment, (desktop
                                                                               computers, laptops, upss, heavy duty printers, medium
Tender number                                                                  printers, RAM memory, licenced office 2019, hard drives).
MRDC/01/2021. Supply and delivery of pre-owned vehicle (double                 Closing date and time: 12th February, 2021, at 1200 hours.
       cab 4 x 4). Closing date and time: 12th February, 2021, at              The Rlumtree Town Council invites tenders from suitable
       1000 hours.                                                             qualified firms for the supply and delivery of ICT Equipment,
       Tender documents with specifications are obtainable from                (desktop computers, laptops, ups, heavy duty printers, medium
                                                                               printers, RAM Memory, licensed office 2019 licensing, hard
       0800 hours to 1600 hours at Marondera Rural District                    drives).
       Council Head Office, 4.5 km along North Road, Revolt Farm,
       Marondera, upon payment of a non-refundable tender fee                  Tender   documents can be obtained at the Procurement
       of ZWL350,00, per tender payable in cash or into our Bank               Management Unit Office, Rlumtree Town Council, Stand
                                                                               No. 320, Central Road, Rlumtree during Office hours.
       Account as below:                                                       0800 hours-1500 hours as from 15th January, 2021, for a
       Account Name: Marondera Rural District Council Untied                   non-refundable fee of ZWL $850,00.
       Revenue,                                                                Submission of tender
       Name of Bank: Standard Chartered Bank,                                  Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed
       Branch: Africa Unit Square,                                             on the outside with the tender number and must be deposited
       Branch Code: 0100254,                                                   in the tender box of the Town Secretary’s department Stand
       Current Account Number: 0100254318500                                   number320, Central Road, on or before Friday, 12th February,
                                                                               2021, at 1200 hours.
       ECOCASH: *151*2*2*51419*Amount#
                                                                               Council is not obliged to accept the lowest bid or any bid.
       Submission instructions                                                 Queries relating to this tender may be addressed to:
       Bids must be in English enclosed in sealed envelopes                    The Procurement Management Unit, Rlumtree Town Council,
       clearly marked “Tender number-tender description” must be               320, Central Road, Rlumtree, Tel. (0219) 2805077/202/632
       deposited in the tender box located in the foyer at Marondera           or email:pmu. plumtreetowncouncil®gmail.com
       Rural District Council, Head Office, on or before the closing
                                                                                                                            E. MAPHOSA,
       date and time addressed to:                                                                                 Acting Town Secretary.
       The Chief Executive Officer, Marondera Rural District
       Council, RO. Box 108, 4.5 km along North Road, Revolt           General Notice 26 of 2021.
       Farm, Marondera.                                                      MHONDORO NGEZI RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL
       NB: Council will not bind itself to accept the lowest bid,
       it reserves the right to accept whole or part of the bid and       Invitation to Bidders Applications to be Enrolled on the 2021
       reserves the right to cancel the tender. Tenders received after                           Standing List of Suppliers
       closing date and time whether by hand, email or post will be
       treated as late bids and shall be rejected.                        MHONDORO Ngezi Rural District Council is hereby inviting
                                                                       eligible and qualified potential bidders as prescribed by the Public
       Interested firms may obtain further information on: Tel:        Procurement and Disposal of PublicAssets Act to apply for enrolment
       +263 (065) 2323250, 20734 Email: procurement®                   on the standing list for the supply of the following goods: —
       maronderardc.co.zw                                                 1. Grocery hampers
       Opening of tenders
                                                                          2. Fuel
       Bidders are free to witness the opening of the bids soon after
                                                                          The bidders must be PRAZ registered. The applications must
       the closing time on the closing date.                           include the following documents.
                                                       T. GUNDO,       Companies: company profile, certificate of incorporation, CR6 form,
                                            Chief Executive Officer.   CR14, tax clearance and proof of PRAZ registration.
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