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5 March 2021

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-03-05 number 32

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      GOVERNMENT                                                                     GAZETTE
                                                        Published by Authority

  Vol. XCIX, No. 32                                       3th MARCH, 2021                                          Price RTGS$155,00
General Notice 246 of 2021.                                                    Closing date: 25th March, 2021, at 1000 hours. Tenders will
                                                                               be opened at 1000 hours and bidders’ representatives are
                 LABOUR ACT [CHAPTER 28:01]
                                                                               free to attend at the opening time and venue given above.

Application for Registration of a Trade Union: National Union for       General Notice 248 of 2021.
        the Hospitality and Catering Industry in Zimbabwe                   ZIMBABWE ASSET MANAGEMENT CORPORATION
                                                                                      (PRIVATE) LIMITED (ZAMCO)
   IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 33 of the Labour Act
[Chapter 28:01], that an application has been received for the                      Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding
registration of National Union for the Hospitality and Catering
Industry in Zimbabwe to represent the interests of non-managerial
                                                                           ZIMBABWEAsset Management Corporation (Private) Limitedis
workers employed by the Hospitality and Catering Industry in
                                                                        inviting bids from reputable bidders registered with the Procurement
                                                                        Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe for the following requirements:
   Any person who wishes to make any representations relating to the
application is invited tolodge suchrepresentations with the Registrar   Tender number
of Labour, at Compensation House, at the corner of Simon Vengai         ZAMCO/DOM/1/2021. Supply and delivery of a double cab motor
Muzenda Street and Ahmed Ben Bella Avenue, Harare, or post them
                                                                             vehicle. Closing date: 2nd April, 2021.
to Private Bag 7707, Causeway, within 30 days of the publication
of this notice and to state whether or not he or she wishes to appear          Three hard copies of the tender must be enclosed in sealed
in support of such representations at any accreditation proceedings.           envelopes, addressed to Head Finance and Administration
                                             P. F MAFURATIDZE,                 and endorsed on the outside with the advertised tender
5-3-2021.                                        Registrar of Labour.          number, the description, closing date and must be deposited
                                                                               in a tender box at:
General Notice 247 of 2021.                                                    Zimbabwe          Asset   Management    Corporation    (Private)
       ZESA ENTERPRISES (PRIVATE) LIMITED (ZE)                                 Limited,
                                                                               Fifth Floor, Hardwicke House,
            Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding                         72-74,     Samora Machel Avenue,
   BIDS are invited from interested, reputable and PRAZ registered
companies for the supply and delivery of goods and services as                 before 1000 hours on the closing date.
indicated below:                                                               In a bid to maintain social distancing in light of           the
Tender number                                                                  COVID-19 pandemic, please note that we will                  not
ZE/DCB/02/2021. Supply and delivery of various electric vehicles.              be entertaining walk-in customers for the purpose             of
        Closing date: 25th March, 2021.                                        acquiring bidding documents. Bidding documents shall          be
                                                                               downloaded from ZAMCO website www.zamco.co.zw
        Documents for the tender are available upon payment of a
       non-refundable fee of ZWL$840,00, for each tender available             For any queries regarding the advertised tender you can
       every day from Monday to Friday between 1000 hours and                  email to pmu@zamco.co.zw
       1200 hours, respectively. Any queries should be addressed
       to the Supplies Manager at the addresses indicated below at      General Notice 249 of 2021.
       least ten working days before the closing date:
                                                                                                NORTON TOWN COUNCIL
       The Supplies Manager,
       Procurement Management Unit,
       ZESA Enterprises Head Office,                                    Invitation to Registration on the Suppliers Standing List for Years
       No. 1, Harare Drive/Willowvale Road,                                                                2021-2023
       New Ardbennie,
       Harare.                                                            NORTON         Town    Council, in terms of section 32 of the PPDPA
       Tenders should be submitted to the above address in sealed       Act [Chapter 22:23], is inviting bidders to participate inits suppliers
       envelope clearly marked “For the Tender Box” inscribed on        standing list for the year 2021-2023. The selected suppliers who
       the envelope with the above tender number and closing date       fall within the below mentioned categories and also meet the below
       by hand on or before the closing date and time.                  mentioned requirements will be part of the standing list of suppliers
                                                                        for the council.
       ZESA Enterprises is not bound to accept the lowest or any
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