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19 March 2021

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-03-19 number 38

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      GOVERNMENT                                                                     GAZETTE
                                                       Published by Authority

  Vol. XCIX, No. 38                                     19th MARCH, 2021                                        Price RTGS$155,00
General Notice 372 of 2021.                                            General Notice 374 of 2021.

                              ZIMPOST                                       COMPETITION AND TARIFF COMMISSION                     (CTC)

                 Invitation to Competitive Bidding
                                                                                         Invitation to Domestic Tender
Tender number
ZIMPOST/TR/01/2021. Provision of transportation services. Pre-bid         THE Competition and Tariff Commission (CTC) is inviting
       meeting: 25th March, 2021. Closing date: 9th April, 2021.       prospective reputable companies, registered with the Procurement
                                                                       Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, to participate in the bidding
       Tender documents are obtainable from Zimpost, Procurement       exercise of the following:
       Management    Unit, Room   210, Second Floor, Harare Main
       Post Office, cnr. Mayor Urimbo Terrace/George Silundika         CTC/02/2021. Supply and designing of a reception. Domestic.
       Avenue, Harare, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of                Closing date and time: 20th April, 2021, at 1000 hours. Site
       ZWL$500,00,    in the Main Post Office Ground Floor.                   visit: 26th March, at 2021.

       Tenders must be submitted in sealed envelopes and endorsed      CTC/03/2021, Supply and delivery of cell phones. Domestic.
       on the outside with the advertised number, the description            Domestic. Closing date and time: 20th April, 2021, at 1000
       and closing date. Tenders must be posted in time to sort into         hours.
       Post Office Box   100, Harare, or be delivered by hand to:             Complete bids in sealed envelopes clearly marked with the
       The Procurement Management Unit,                                       correct reference number must be deposited in the tender box
       Zimpost (Private) Limited,                                             at the Commission reception on or before 1000 hours of the
                                                                              due date. Nofaxed, emailed or late tenders will be considered.
       Room 210, Second Floor,
       Harare Main Post Office,
                                                                              Tenders must be delivered by hand to: The Chairperson,
       Mayor Urimbo Terrace/George Silundika Avenue,                          Procurement Management Unit, Competition and Tariff
                                                                              Commission,    23, Broadlands   Road,   Emerald    Hill, Harare,
                                                                              before 1000 hours on the specified closing date. Tenders
       before 1000 hours on the closing date.                                 will be immediately opened at the Competition and Tariff
                                                                              Commission premises. Bidders may attend the bid opening
General Notice 373 of 2021.                                                   process.
     AGRICULTURAL BANK OF ZIMBABWE LIMITED                                    Detailed information is contained in the Bidding Documents
                      (AgriBank)                                              obtained upon payment of a non-refundable fee of
                                                                              ZWL&$3 000,00, for each set of bidding document from The
                 Invitation to Competitive Bidding                            Chairperson, Procurement Management Unit, 23, Broadlands
                                                                              Road, Emerald Hill, Harare. The fee should be deposited into
  AGRICULTURAL Bank of Zimbabwe Limited is inviting bids                      the following banking details before collection:
from reputable bidders registered with Procurement Regulatory                 Account name             Competition and Tariff Commission
Authority of Zimbabwe to participate in the following tenders:
                                                                              Bank                     CBZ Bank Limited
Tender number                                                                 Branch                   Kwame Nkrumah
AGR.04/2021. Service and maintenance of power backup equipment.               Account number           01120051790020
       Closing date: 8th April, 2021.
AGRI.05/2021. Supply and delivery of vehicles. Closing date: 8th       General Notice 375 of 2021.
      April, 2021.
AGRI.06/2021. Supply and delivery of tablets. Closing date: 8th        MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, CLIMATE, TOURISM AND
      April, 2021.                                                                     HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY
       Documents for the above tenders will be issued to interested
       bidders upon payment of a non-refundable tender fee of                           Invitation to Tender (Re-tender)
       ZWL$800,00, per tender into Agribank Sundry Income
       Account P/L 62700 from:                                            TENDERS are invited from registered and reputable consultants
                                                                       in terms of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets
       Procurement Management Unit,
                                                                       Act [Chapter 22:23].
       Agricultural Bank of Zimbabwe,
       Sixth Floor, Hurudza House, Head Office,                        Tender number
       Harare.                                                         ICAT.04/2021. Hiring of one (1) consultant to develop operating
       M. CHIGATSE,                                                           manual and train government officers on QA/QC of
       Procurement Manager.
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