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2 April 2021

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-04-02 number 43

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                                                            ZIMBAB WEAN

      GOVERNMENT                                                                            GAZETTE
                                                              Published by Authority

  Vol. XCIX, No. 43                                               2nd APRIL, 2021                                       Price RTGS$155,00
General Notice 611 of 2021.                                                         hours to 1630 hours) as from Tuesday, 6th April, 2021. Soft
                                                                                    copies of standard bidding documents are obtainable free
                  LABOUR ACT       [CHAPTER      28:0/]
                                                                                    of charge on request from the following email addresses:
  Notice of Accreditation Proceedings: Zimbabwe Progressive                         enockzinyama    @ gmail.com/kkawondera@ gmail.com/
                   Mining and Allied Workers Union                                  chegutumunicipality    @ gmail.com
                                                                                    Bids    must   be enclosed    in sealed   envelopes   and clearly
   IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 42 of the Labour Act                  endorsed on the outside with the advertised tender number,
[Chapter 28:01], that accreditation proceedings are proposed to                     the description and must be deposited in the tender box
be held for the purpose of determining whether or not Zimbabwe                      located in the Town Clerk’s Office at Town House, Chegutu,
Progressive Mining and Allied Workers Union application for                         by 1000 hours on 23rd April, 2021, addressed to:
registration should be approved. The application for registration
                                                                                    The Acting Town Clerk,
was notified by General Notice 3072 of 2020, published in the
                                                                                    Chegutu Municipality,
Government Gazette of 25th December, 2020.
                                                                                    No. 1, Queen Street,
   The accreditation proceedings will be held on the 12th May, 2021,                P.O. Box 34,
at 1030 a.m. in the boardroom in the Twelfth Floor of Compensation                  Chegutu.
House, corner Simon Vengai Muzenda Street and Ahmed Ben Bella
Avenue, Harare.                                                              General Notice 613 of 2021.
   Any person who wishes to make any representations in the matter
should lodge them, in writing, with the Registrar of Labour, at                            LOCAL AUTHORITIES PENSION FUND
Compensation House, at the corner of Simon Vengai Muzenda Street
and Ahmed Ben Bella Avenue, Harare, or post them to Private Bag                   Invitation to Domestic Competitive Tender (Re-tender)
7707, Causeway. Any person who lodges or posts representations
should advise the Registrar whether or not he or she wishes to appear           LOCAL Authorities Pension Fund is inviting interested qualified
in support of such representations at any accreditation proceedings.         and reputable companies to bid for the following:

                                                 PF     MAFURATIDZE,         Tender number
2-4-2021.                                             Registrar of Labour.   LAPE01/2021. Supply and delivery of 1 x motor vehicle.
                                                                                    Bidding documents for the tender are obtainable upon sending
General Notice 612 of 2021.                                                         an email request to procurement @lapf.co.zw
                                                                                    Tenders must be submitted on or before 5th May, 2021, at
                                                                                     1000 hours in sealed envelopes endorsed on the outside
                                                                                    clearly indicating:
       Invitation to Tender (Competitive Bidding Method)
                                                                                    ¢ Name and contact details of the bidder.
   THE Municipality of Chegutu invites bids from suitably qualified                 ¢ Tender number.
and experienced suppliers, in terms of the Public Procurement and
                                                                                    e Tender description.
Disposal of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23], for the supply and
delivery of the following requirements:                                             ¢ The closing date and time.
Tender number                                                                       Tenders must be hand delivered to Local Authorities Pension
Che/PE/02/2021. International. Supply and delivery of plant and                     Fund,    Eighth   Floor,   Throgmorton    House,   corner   Samora
       equipment:                                                                   Machel Avenue/ Julius Nyerere Way, Harare, on or before the
                                                                                    closing date and time. Late submissions will not be accepted.
       Motorised grader.
                                                                                    Bidders are free to witness the tender opening process on the
       Backhoe loader.
                                                                                    closing day.
       15m tipper truck.
       75 horsepower 4 x 2WD tractor (wet clutch type) and 5t low            General Notice 614 of 2021.
       profile refuse dumper trailer with cover.
       Closing date and time: 23rd April, 2021, at 1000 hours local                                     CITY OF GWERU
                                                                                               Invitation to Competitive Bidding
       Detailed standard bidding documents are obtainable from
       the Town    Clerk’s   Office,   at Town   House,     No.   1, Queen      TENDERS are invited from registered and reputable companies
       Street, Chegutu, upon payment of a non-refundable fee                 in terms of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets
       of ZWS$850,00/USD$10,00, during office hours (0800                    Act [Chapter 22:23] and the Public Procurement and Disposal of
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