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7 January 2022

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-01-07 number 3

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                                                                  ZIMBAB WEAN

      GOVERNMENT                                                                                   GAZETTE
                                                                    Published by Authority

  Vol. XCX, No. 3                                                   7th       JANUARY, 2022                                      Price RTGS$220,00

General Notice 1 of 2022.                                                             of certificate of incorporation and current tax clearance for the supply
                                                                                      of the following:
                                                                                      Tender number
                          Notification of Tender Awards                               SC/02/2022. Supply and delivery of 4 x 4 diesel motor vehicle
                                                                                             truck. Closing date and time: 8th February, 2022, at 1000
   THE under-listed bidders have been awarded                    the underlisted             hours [CAT].
tenders as advertised on 3rd September, 2021.                                                Interested bidders are required to obtain the bid document that
                                                                                             consists of the instructions and scope of work upon sending
                                                                                             their requests by e-mail to; procurement @sunwaycity.co.zw
                                              Winning             Bid price
 Tender      no        Description             Bidder                USD
                                                                                             Industrial Devlopment Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited,
 ZRP PMU          | Supply and           Desatec            1,623,500.00
                                                                                             93, Parklane,
 20/2021            delivery of          (Private)
                    waterproof           Limited
                     canvas tents                                                            Submission of tender documents

 ZRP PMU          | Supply and          Afrworks            998,630.00                       Tenders must be enclosed with all specifications and costs in
 20/2021            delivery of                                                              three sealed envelopes and clearly endorsed on the outside
                    waterproof                                                               with the advertised tender number, the description and
                     canvas tents                                                            closing date. Tenders must be hand delivered and dropped
                                                                                             in the tender box at Industrial Development Corporation of
 ZRP PMU _ | Supply and        Estyle                       2,880.00
                                                                                             Zimbabwe     Limited Offices, 93, Park Lane,      Harare, by the
 24/2021     delivery of 2021 | Corporate
                                                                                             closing date and time. Late tenders shall not be accepted.
            diaries.            Gifts and
                                Branding                                                     Opening of Tenders
                                                                                             Tenderers are free to witness the opening of tenders on the
 ZRP PMU          | Supply and           First pack         34,108.00
                                                                                             closing date and time at Industrial Development Corporation
 24/2021            delivery of 2021
                                                                                             of Zimbabwe Limited Offices. Kindly note that Sunway City
                                                                                             does not bind itself to accept the lowest tender and reserves
 ZRP PMU          | Supply and           Elegant Edge | 24,885.00                            the right to accept the whole or part of any tender after
 24/2021            delivery of 2021                                                         evaluation.
                                                                                             For any further details or clarification, please contact The
  The Zimbabwe Republic Police greatly appreciates participation                             Procurement Management Unit, on +263-4-006473/8 or
by all bidders who took part in the bidding process and as ZRP                               0713 382 847 Email: procurement @sunwaycity.co.zw
we shall maintain transparency and integrity in our procurement
processes.                                                                            General Notice 3 of 2022:

General Notice 2 of 2022.                                                                     SANYATI RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL (SRDC)

                  SUNWAY CITY (PRIVATE) LIMITED (SC)                                                         Notice of Contract Award

                    Domestic Competitive Tender Invitation
                                                                                         IN terms of section 68 of the Public Procurement and Disposal
                                                                                      of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23], wishes to notify all bidders
  SUNWAY             City, a subsidiary of the Industrial Development                 and stakeholders of the following awards:
Corporation         of Zimbabwe Limited (IDCZ), is a developer of
integrated        industrial,   commercial,    institutional,   recreational    and
residential parks so as to provide relevant infrastructure to facilitate
industrial and economic growth of Zimbabwe as well as regional
integration and trade.
  Tenders areinvited from PRAZ registered companies in possession
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