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11 February 2022

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-02-11 number 17

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      GOVERNMENT                                                                    GAZETTE
                                                        Published by Authority

  Vol. XCX, No. 17                                     11th FEBRUARY, 2022                                       Price RTGS$220,00

General Notice 230 of 2022.                                             KRDC/WORKS/5/22. Upgrading and gravelling of roads. Mandatory
                                                                              site visit: 28th February, 2022, at 1000 hours. Closing date
                                                                               and time:   11th March, 2022, at 1000 hours.

                                                                               Tender documents will be electronically distributed free
                  Invitation to Competitive Bidding
                                                                               of charge upon submission of a written request letter
                                                                               on company letterhead to the following email address:
  BIDS are invited from reputable bidders registered with Procurement          procurementkusilerdc@ gmail.com
Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe for the following tenders:
                                                                               Tender documents must be properly addressed and enclosed
Tender number                                                                  in sealed envelopes, clearly endorsed with tender description
                                                                               and tender number, submitted to the Council tender box.
BRDC/LMV/GDS.01/2022. Supply of single cablightmotor vehicle
      4x 4 manual, 2.4 diesel. Quantity: 1. Closing date: 18th                 *Council will not bind itself to accept the lowest bid. Late
       February, 2022, at 1100 hours.                                          submissions and e-bids will not be considered.
       Tender conditions                                                       Tenders must be addressed to:
       ¢ Bidders must submit proof of registration with Procurement            Acting Chief Executive Officer,
         Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwein the relevantcategory.              Kusile Rural District Council,
       ¢ Company profile.                                                      P.O. Box 21,
       ¢ Certificate of Incorporation, CR14 and CR6 forms.
       ¢ Valid tax clearance certificate.                                      For any queries and clarifications contact the Chief Executive
       e Valid NSSA clearance certificate.                                     officer on the following contact numbers +263 81 285
                                                                               6495/4/0773 374 571 or email: procurementkusilerde@
       e At least three traceable reference letters from companies
          which you have worked with for the same job.
       ¢ Tender document must be obtained upon payment of a non-        General Notice 232 of 2022.
         refundable fee of $1 000,00, from Bindura Rural District
         Council, Stand 465, Manhenga Growth Point, Bindura.                 MANICALAND         STATE UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED
       ¢ Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed                             SCIENCES (MSUAS)
         on the outside with advertised tender number and tender
         description not later than at 18th February, 2022.                   Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding (Re-advert)
       Bindura Rural District Council Offices,
       Stand 465, Manhenga Growth Point,                                   MANICALAND State University of Applied Sciences (MSUAS)
       Bindura.                                                         invites tenders from reputable and validly registered companies to
       No faxed, emailed or late bids will be considered.               provide the following service:

General Notice 231 of 2022.                                             Tender number

        KUSILE RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL (KRDC)                            MSUAS/CB/05A/2021. Supply and delivery of desktop computers.
                                                                               Closing date: 4th March, 2022, at 1400 hours.

           Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding                          Bid documents shall be sent electronically to all interested
                                                                               bidders upon request on procurement@ msuas.ac.zw
Tender number                                                                  All submissions in sealed envelopes and clearly marked with
                                                                               the correct tender reference number are to be deposited on or
KRDC/WORKS/1/22. Supply and delivery of brand new 4 x 4
                                                                               before 1400 hours of the due date into the tender box which
     double cab vehicle. Closing date and time: 11th March,
                                                                               will be placed in the Deputy Registrars’ office at Manicaland
       2022, at 1000 hours.
                                                                               State University of Applied Sciences. Faxed, e-mailed or late
KRDC/WORKS/2/22.         Supply and delivery of a brand new 8-tonne            bids shall not be considered.
       truck. Closing date and time: 11th March, 2022, at 1000 hours.
                                                                               For more information, contact:
KRDC/WORKS/3/22. Supply and delivery of building materials for
                                                                               The Procurement Management Unit,
     seven classroom blocks. Closing date and time: 11th March,
                                                                               Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences,
       2022, at 1000 hours.
                                                                               Private Bag 7001,
KRDC/WORKS/4/22. Supply and elivery of building materials for                  Mutare.
     nine F14 staff houses. Closing date and time: 11th March,
                                                                               Tel. 020 61141
       2022, at 1000 hours.
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