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11 February 2022

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-02-11 number 19

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                               Zimbabwean Government Gazette Extraordinary, 11 th February, 2022                                        221


                                                        Published by Authority

  Vol. XCX, No. 19                                    11th FEBRUARY, 2022                                     Price RTGS$220,00

General Notice 270 of 2022.                                               (iv) Company profiles, company registration documents,
                                                                               detailed curriculum vitaes of key staff, valid PRAZ
                         ZIMTRADE                                              certificate, and other registration certificates must be
                           _______                                             submitted.
     Request for Expression of Interest for the Provision of               (v) A summary of the Firm’s experience in similar
                    Consultancy Services                                       assignments, including names and contact details of
                           _______                                             persons connected to the assignments must be provided.
Subject: Grant Fund Mobilisation for ZimTrade. Description:
      Engagement of Consultant to Mobilise Grant Funding for              Key Personnel of the Consulting Firm must have the
      ZimTrade. Proposal Ref. Number: ZTD EOI.01/2022.                    following minimum qualifications:
                                                                           (a) A Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant discipline, i.e., in
      Background                                                                the field of Economics, Business Studies, Development
                                                                                Studies or related fields or relevant experience in
      ZimTrade is the country’s national trade development                      generation of grant proposals and grant funding.
      and promotion organisation. The mandate of ZimTrade is
      to energise Zimbabwe’s export growth. In pursuit of this            (b) Studies or related fields or relevant experience in
      objective, ZimTrade works with existing and potential                   generation of grant proposals and grant funding.
      exporters, including women and youth enterprises, to build
      their operational capacity and improve the competitiveness          (c) Proven track record and relevant experience in
      of their products on the export market. To create greater               conducting assignments that match the specified field
      capacity for increased support to these exporters, ZimTrade             of consultancy.
      seeks to partner with donors for Grant Funding support.
      To facilitate the process of engagement of potential donors         (d) Proficiency in the English language is a must.
      and mobilisation of funding, ZimTrade seeks to engage an            Reporting
      experienced consultant on success-based fee arrangement.
                                                                          The Consultant will report directly to ZimTrade officials.
      Terms of Reference for the Consultant                               Short-listed Consultants will be invited to submit detailed
      The selected Consultant is expected to:                             technical and financial proposals, and/or do presentations
                                                                          or demonstrations, as described in Part 1 of the Request for
      • Conduct a Donor/DCP Mapping exercise and provide                  Proposals Procedures in the Standard Request for Proposals
          a detailed report on potential donors to be engaged,            for the Selection of Consultancy Services. The Consultant
          including their areas of interest for engagement approval.      submitting the successful proposal will be engaged on the
      • Engage the potential Donors/DCPs and align their                  contractual terms set out in that document and in the General
          interests to export development and promotion.                  Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services. Copies of
      • Develop grant proposals and make presentations to                 the Act and Regulations and the standard documentation
          potential donors, including motivating a case for               are available on the website of the Procurement Regulatory
          sustained partnership.                                          Authority of Zimbabwe; URL http://www.praz.gov.zw/index.
      • Working closely with ZimTrade team, develop and
          execute fundraising strategy.                                   This opportunity is open to all Consultants who meet the
                                                                          criteria for eligibility as stated in section 28 of the Act and
      •    Work with the ZimTrade team in responding to calls for         who have the nationality of an eligible country as defined
           funding proposals.                                             in Clause 1.10 of the General Conditions of Contract for
      •    Build internal capacity on grants proposal and fund            Consultancy Services.
           raising.                                                       Participation is open to both Zimbabwean and foreign bidders,
                                                                          and firms must accompany their expressions of interest with
      The minimum criteria for short-listing of the Firm shall entail:    Company Registration certificates as proof of their nationality and
        (i) Registration with the Procurement Regulatory Authority        equivalent company registration documents for Foreign Firms.
            of Zimbabwe (PRAZ).
                                                                          Consulting Firms shall be required to pay an administration
       (ii) Must have more than five years’ experience in managing        fee to the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe’s
            similar projects.                                             Special Procurement Oversight Committee for certain especially
      (iii) A minimum of three (3) reference letters from traceable       sensitive or especially valuable contracts for this tender in line
            organisations, for projects of similar or comparable          with section 54 of the Act as set out in Part IV of the Fifth
            nature done.                                                  Schedule to the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public
                                                                          Assets Regulations, 2020 (Statutory Instrument 49 of 2020).
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