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11 March 2022

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-03-11 number 25

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       GOVERNMENT                                                                                  GAZETTE
                                                                   Published by Authority

  Vol. XCX, No. 25                                                  11th MARCH, 2022                                             Price RTGS$240,00

General Notice 424 of 2022.

                                                          GRAIN MARKETING BOARD                   (GMB)

                                                Notification of Competitive Bidding Contract Awards

   PURSUANT to section 68(a) of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23] and following a competitive
procurement exercise, undertaken in accordance with sections 31 and 38 of the same Act, Grain Marketing Board awarded the contract to
bidders as follows:

 Procurement reference   Procurement description                                                                     Bidder awarded                    Contract
                                                                                                                                                    value (ZWL$)

 GMBY/INFOR/01/01/21     Provision of customer care satisfaction survey and rebranding exercise              Jericho (Private) Limited                1715 678.31

 GMBY/INFOR/02/01/21     Supply and delivery of interactive board                                            Zodsat (Private) Limited                2 140 683.99

 GMB/INFOR/03/01/21      Supply and delivery of printed stationery                                           Gabsant (Private) Limited               4 999 600.00

 GMB/INFOR/04/01/21      Service level agreement for weighbridges                                            Perfect Scale (Private) Limited         2 427 250.00

 GMB/INFOR/05/01/21      Renewal of Sophos XG 430 full guard plus                                            Logik Mind (Private) Limited            3 385 123.80

                         Request for Consultancy Services from Structural Engineering-peeling off of concrete/ | The Design Team Consulting
 GMB/INFOR/05/02/21      mortar at roof top interface on concrete silos                                          Engineers (Private) Limited         4 631 206.16

 GMBY/INFOR/06/02/21     Supply and delivery of branded golf T-shirts and bush shirts                        Fentras (Private) Limited                1385 997.88

 GMBY/INFOR/07/02/21     Supply and delivery of poly steel ropes                                             Mitchmat (Private) Limited              11 050 669.80

 GMB/INFOR/08/02/21      Supply and delivery of black plastic sheeting                                       Treger Products (Private) Limited       9 338 550.58

 GMB/INFOR/09/02/21      Supply and delivery of probes                                                       Mitchmat (Private) Limited                984 457.26

 GMB/INFOR/ 10/02/21     Supply and delivery of 200kVA silent diesel generator                               Croco Motors (Private) Limited          4 272 945.60

 GMB/INFOR/ 12/03/21     Service level agreement for ten bag scales                                          G&T Scale (Private) Limited               926 007.90

 GMBY/INFOR’ 13/03/21    Supply and delivery of black plastic sheeting                                       Treger Products (Private) Limited       9 338 550.00

                                                                                                             Status Engineering         (Private)
 GMBY/INFOR/16/03/21     Service level agreement for generators                                              Limited                                   710 952.89

 GMBY/INFOR/17/03/21     Supply and delivery of harrows                                                      Makjones (Private) Limited                893 330.00

 GMBY/INFOR/ 17/03/21    Supply and delivery of shovels                                                      Mitchmat (Private) Limited                914 210.94

 GMB/INFOR/ 18/03/21     Supply and delivery of primphos methosoec                                           CP Chemicals (Private) Limited          2 164 800.00

 GMB/INFOR/19/03/21      Provision of Lan Networking services                                                Afnet (Private) Limited                 7 037 412.77

 GMB/INFOR/ 19/03/21     Provision of Lan Networking services—Bindura and Bulawayo                           Venlia (Private) Limited                  438 881.40

 GMB/INFOR/ 19/03/21     Supply   and delivery Conveyor Belts overbin conveyor                               Aganang (Private) Limited                 842 874.19

 GMB/INFOR/19/03/21      Supply   and delivery Conveyor Belts-conveyor belt                                  Eunidar (Private) Limited                1 900 000.00

 GMB/INFOR/20/03/21      Supply and delivery of heavy duty stitchers                                         Sewtech (Private) Limited                1 150 000.00

 GMBY/INFOR/2 1/03/21    Upgrade of VOIP                                                                     Telone (Private) Limited                8 241 252.00

 GMBY/INFOR/22/03/21     Supply and delivery of protective clothing—work suits                               Tiplong (Private) Limited               6 461 757.12

 GMBY/INFOR/22/03/21     Supply and delivery of protective clothing—knitted rubber gloves                    Kingsport (Private) Limited               566 790.00

 GMBY/INFOR/22/03/21     Supply and delivery of protective clothing—carrier caps                             Fentras (Private) Limited               2 250 000.00

 GMB/INFOR/22/03/21      Supply and delivery of protective clothing-PVC medium sized gloves                  Kingsport (Private) Limited               246,180.00

 GMB/INFOR/22/03/21      Supply and delivery of protective clothing—leather gloves medium sized              Tiplong (Private) Limited                   59 253.75
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