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25 March 2022

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-03-25 number 28

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        GOVERNMENT                                                                        GAZETTE
                                                           Published by Authority

  Vol. XCX, No. 28                                          25th MARCH, 2022                                                    Price RTGS$240,00

General Notice 537 of 2022.                                                         The provisions in the Instructions to Bidders andin the General
                                                                                    Conditions of Contract contained in the bidding documents
        CUSTOMS AND EXERCISE ACT [CHAPTER 23-02]                                    comply with the Zimbabwe Public Procurement and Disposal
                                                                                    of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23] standard bidding
  Appointment and Licensing of Bonded Warehouse: Roketape
                                                                                    document for the procurement of goods. The Procurement
Investments (Correction of error in General Notice 3370 of 2021)
                                                                                    method applicable for the bidding process shall be National
   IT is hereby notified that the Appointment and Licensing of Bonded               Competitive Bidding.
Warehouse: Roketape Investments, published in General Notice 3370                   Bids must be enclosed in a sealed envelope and endorsed on
of 2021, contained an error. The Schedule to the general notice is                  the outside with the advertised tender number, description
amended—                                                                            and closing date. Bids must be delivered and deposited in
   (a) in paragraph 1 by the deletion of “Park” and the substitution                a tender box situated at ZB Centre, Sixth Floor Reception,
         of “Pack”;                                                                 corner Kwame Nkrumah Avenue/First Street Mall, Harare,
  (b)    in paragraph   2 by the deletion     of “Mkosana”      and   the           addressed to:
         substitution of “Mkhosana”;                                                The Director Procurement Management Unit,
  (c)    in paragraph 7 by the insertion of the letter “e” on the word              Zimbabwe Revenue Authority,
                                                                                    First Floor, ZB Centre,            corner    First    Street   Mall/Kwame
  (d)    in paragraph 8 by the deletion of “0.25” after “by” and the                Nkrumah Avenue,
         substitution of “0,725m”.                                                  Harare, Zimbabwe.
                                                   R. CHINAMASA,                    Please note that no payment is required to obtain the bidding
                                       Acting Commissioner-General,                 document (s).
25-3-2022.                              Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.
                                                                             General Notice 539 of 2022.
General Notice 538 of 2022.
                                                                                  ZIMBABWE ELECTRICITY TRANSMISSION AND
         ZIMBABWE REVENUE AUTHORITY                   (ZIMRA)                          DISTRIBUTION COMPANY (ZETDC)

             Invitation to National Competitive Bidding                                                  Invitation to Tender
   THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority         (ZIMRA) invites prospective          TENDERS must be properly addressed to the Supply Chain
reputable suppliers registered with      the Procurement Regulatory
                                                                             Manager, Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution
Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) to           participate in the following
                                                                             Company, Second Floor, South Wing, Electricity Centre, 25, Samora
                                                                            Machel Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe, and enclosed in sealed envelopes
Tender number                                                                clearly endorsed on the outside with the advertised tender                number,
NCB.19/2022. Supply and delivery of      tablets. Closing date and time:     tender description and tender closing date. Tenders must be               received
         Friday, 22nd April, 2022, at 1000 hours.                            and registered at ZETDC on or before the tender closing                   date and
NCB.20/2022. Supply and delivery of 38 origin verification stamps.           time or should be deposited into the ZETDC tender box                    placed at
       Closing date and time: Tuesday, 26th April, 2022, at 1000             the Ground Floor (Foyer), ZESA Electricity Centre, Head Office,
       hours.                                                                25, Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe, on or before 1000
RFP.06/2022. Engagement of specialist subconsultants for the                 hours on the closing date.
       provision of Town Planning, Geo Technical Survey and                  Tender number
       EIA service to ZIMRA, for the development of Makuti Dry               ZETDC/DOM/08/2022. Tiling of Tokwe                     Substation (Masvingo)
       Port. Closing date and time: Tuesday, 12th April, 2022, at                   offices.   Site   visits:   22nd    April,    2022,     Tokwe    Substaion
       1000 hours.                                                                 (Masvingo), at 1000 hours. Closing date: 12th May, 2022,
NCB.13/2022. Provision of vehicle tracking services for Zimra fleet.               at 1000 hours.
       Closing date and time: Friday, 22ndA pril, 2022, at 1000 hours.       ZETDC/FA/01/2022. Framework Agreement for Creosote wood
       A complete set of bidding documents must be downloaded                      poles. Closing date: 28th April, 2022, at 1000 hours.
       from the ZIMRA website: www.zimra,co.zw and any further               ZETDC/FA/02/2022. Framework Agreement for staff groceries.
       communications about these tenders including addenda. Due                   Closing date: 28th April, 2022, at 1000 hours.
       to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be entertaining walk
       in clients for acquiring bidding documents.                           ZETDC/FA/03/2022. FrameworkA greement for office furniture and
                                                                                   Equipment. Closing date: 28th April, 2022, at 1000 hours.
       Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information
       from ZIMRA Procurement Management Unit via e-mail:                          NB: Copies of IDs for locals and copies of passports for
       procurement@ zimra.co.zw                                                    foreigners attached to a letter head should be submitted not
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