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8 April 2022

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-04-08 number 37

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        GOVERNMENT                                                                      GAZETTE
                                                       Published by Authority

  Vol. XCX, No. 37                                        8th APRIL, 2022                                             Price RTGS$280,00

General Notice 818 of 2022.
                                 INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT                   BANK OF ZIMBABWE            (IDBZ)

                                                           Tender Award Notices

  PURSUANT to section 68 of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23] and following procurement
processes conducted in October 2021 to March 2022, the Infrastructure Development of Bank awarded contracts to the following bidders:

                                                 (OCTOBER       2021 TO MARCH           2022)

    ‘                                                                          Contractor’s          Contractor’s
   a    nae              Project Description          Contract Value           Name &                Physical            Sine
                                                                              Nationality            Address
Construction of two | Construction of 2 x 4         USD2 134 006,95 |         Hualong              154, Mutare            17th March, 2022.
four-Storey blocks    Storey blocks of flats with | (paymentsin ZWL |         Construction         Road, Msasa,
of flats as Waneka    a total of 48 apartment       using the prevailing |    (Private) Limited; | Harare.
Phase III: Contract   units                         RBZ Auction rate at
No: IDBZ 32B of                                     date of payment)          Zimbabwe
2021                  Project Location:

Contract for             Architectural Consultancy   USD33 690,77              Plan Infrastructure   1st Floor No. 4-8    11th January, 2022.
Architectural            Services at Kanyemba        (payments in ZWL          Development           Murandy Square
Consultancy Services     lodge at Mbire District,    using the prevailing      Private Limited,      East, Newlands
at Kanyemba lodges       Mashonaland Central         RBZ Auction rate at      trading as             Shopping Center,
at Mbire District,                                   date of payment)         Architect on           Newlands,
Mashonaland Central      Project Location:                                    Design Studio;         Harare.
Contract No: IDBZ        Kanyemba, Mashonaland
12(b) of 2021            Central Province                                     Zimbabwe
Contract for supply    | Supply and delivery of 60 | USD71 592,99             Checkered            45, Sandford          5th November, 2021.
and delivery of          new Core 15 Laptops.        (payments in ZWL |       Technologies         Crescent, Eastlea,
60 new Core 15                                       using the prevailing |   (Private) Limited, | Harare.
Laptops. Contract      | Project Location:           RBZ Auction rate at |    trading as
No: IDBZ/               Harare                       date of payment)         Venturecom;
Contract for supply | Supply and delivery of         USD20 320,11             Trickmut             Shop 2, Lintas,        1st November, 2021.
and delivery of       ICT Gadgets.                   (payments in ZWL |       Computers            46, Kwame
ICT Gadgets.                                         using the prevailing |   (Private) Limited; | Nkrumah
Contract No: IDBZ/ | Project Location:               RBZ Auction rate at                           Avenue, Harare.
ICTU/83D/2021        Harare                          date of payment)         Zimbabwe
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