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19 April 2022

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-04-19 number 40

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      GOVERNMENT                                                                             GAZETTE
                                                        Published by Authority

  Vol. XCX, No. 40                                         19th APRIL, 2022                                                     Price RTGS$280,00

General Notice 922A of 2022.                                                          Venue: Skyline tollgate, at 1000 hours.
                                                                                      Lot 2: 26th April, 2022.
              DEVELOPMENT (MOTID)                                                     Venue:      Dema tollgate, at 1400 hours.
                                                                                      Lot 3: 29th April, 2022.
                  Invitation to Domestic Tenders
                                                                                      Venue: Esgodini tollgate, at 1000 hours.
   THE Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development                          Lot 4: 27th April, 2022.
(MOTID) of the Republic of Zimbabwe is inviting prospective                           Venue: Lion’s Den tollgate, at 1200 hours.
registered bidders to participate in the following tenders.
                                                                                      Lot 5: 28th April, 2022.
   Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed on                       Venue: Flamingo tollgate, at 1400 hours.
the outside with the correct reference number, the description, the
closing date and must be delivered by hand to Ministry of Transport                   Lot 6: 25th April, 2022.
and Infrastructural Development, Office No. 14/41, Fourteenth Floor,                  Venue: Mupfurudza tollgate, at 1400 hours.
Kaguvi Building, cnr. Simon Vengai Muzenda Street and Ahmed
Ben Bella Avenue, Harare, on or before 1100 hours on the closing                      Issue date: 20th April, 2022.
date. No faxed, e-mailed or late tenders will be considered.                          Closing date: 17th May, 2022
Tender number                                                                         Documents
MOTID/ERRP2/39 OF 2022. LOT 1-6. Emergency Road                                       Tender documents are obtainable from the Procurement
     Rehabilitation Program 2. Design and construction of tollgates:                  Management Unit Office, Ministry of Transport and
       Lot 1: Skyline.                                                                Infrastructural Development, Room 41, Fourteenth Floor,
                                                                                      Kaguvi Building, corner Simon Vengai Muzenda Street and
       Lot 2: Dema.                                                                   Ahmed Ben Bella Avenue, Harare, between 0745 hours and
       Lot 3: Esgodini.                                                               1600 hours during week days.
       Lot 4: Lion’s Den.                                                             NB: Documents will be issued upon payment of a non-
                                                                                      refundable fee of two thousand five hundred dollars
       Lot 5: Flamingo.
                                                                                      (ZWLS$2 500,00) only per tender.
       Lot 6: Mupfurudza.
       Registration: Ministry of Local Government and Public
       Works, CIFOZ and or ZBCA under Category A of civil
       engineering contractors only.
       PRAZ: S/CO06. Construction and Civil Works (Buildings,
       Dams, Roads etc (new).                                                                                  General Notice
                                                                             Number                                                                     Page
       Compulsory site visit:
                                                                             922A.    Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development (MOTID):
       Lot 1: 26th April, 2022.                                                       Invitation te Domestic Tenders            Be                     . 963

                                                     Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.                                                          963
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