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30 June 1956

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1956-06-30 number 31

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           Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the Cofony and Protectorate of Kenya :

Vol. LVIH—No. 31                                     NAIROBI, 30th June, 1956                                           ~ Price 50 Cents: '

Gazette Notice No. 1997
                                                                                                                                       (L.C.10/1/ 1)"
                                               THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL ORDINANCE.
                                                                    (Cap. 38)
                                               SEMI-ANNUAL REVISION OF REGISTERS OF VOTERS
         PURSUANT io rule 6 of the Rules for the Preparation of Regisiers of Voters, Schedule IH, netice is hereby given that ail.
  persons whose names do not already appear on the appropriate register of voters, and who are desirous of having their names.
 ‘Inserted therein, should forward their claims to the Registering Officer for the electoral area in which they claim to be entitled
 to be registered as voters on or before 30th July, 1956.
    ' Every claim should be made on the prescribed form. The names of the Registering Officers for the several electoral areas < .
 are shown below :—                                                                                                         .

                                                       List oF REGISTERING OFFICERS

                              Electoral Area                                                    Registering Officer
   1.    Nairobi North                                        .         The Officer-in-Charge, Nairobi Extra-Provincia! District.
   2.    Nairobi South                                        we        The Officer-in-Charge, Nairobi Extra~Provincial District.
   3.    Nairobi West                                          we       The Officer-in-Charge, Nairobi Extra-Provincial. District.
   4,    Mombasa                                               ve       The District Commissioner, Mombasa.
   5.    Coast                                                oe        The Distri¢t Commissioner, Mombasa.
   6.    Nyanza                                                we       The District Commissioner, Central Nyanza.
   7,    Mau      :                                           we        The District Commissioner, Nakuru.
   8.    Rift Valley                                          ve        The District Commissioner, Nakuru.                       .
   9.    Aberdare                                             os        The District Commissioner, Thomson's Falls.
 10.     Trans Nzoia                                          ‘         The District Commissioner, Kitale.
 11.     Uasin Gishu   .                                       .        The District Commissioner, Eldoret.
 12.     Mount Kenya ..                                       .         The District Commissioner, Nanyuki.
 13.     Ukamba                                                         The District Commissioner, Machakos. -
     .                                                                  The- District Commissioner, Thika.
 14, Kiambu                                                    ‘        The District Commissioner, Kiambu.

                                                                       B                    .
 15. Indian (Non-Muslim) Centra] Electoral Area ..             .        The Officer-in-Charge, Nairobi Extra-Provincial District..
 16. Indian (Non-Muslim) Eastern Electoral Area ..             .        The District Commissioner, Mombasa.
 17. Indian (Non-Muslim) Western Electoral Area ..            o#        The District Commissioner, Central Nyanza.

 18. Indian (Muslim) East Electoral Area Vi              .     oe       The District Cémmissioner, Mombasa.
 19. Indian (Muslim) West Electoral Area ..              o     a        The Officer-in-Charge, Nairobi Extra-Provincial District.

 20. Arab Electoral Area                                                The District Commissioner, Mombasa.

                                                                                                                       E. A. VASEY,
         Dated this 26th day of June, 1956.                                                                        Acting Chief Secretary.

                     chasms         seg ap   eee See a ene   ganna pete    meray   eugene       poate   Ses   Re        BD   oe   eh   oe    ccs?

                                               i PRINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, NAIROBI” |                 a                              .
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