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8 January 2016

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2016-01-08 number 2

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                                                                            AD    3      RN

                    THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                                                Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                              (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXVITI—No.2                                                         NAIROBI, 8th January, 2016                                                  Price Sh. 60

                                       GAZETTE NOTICES
                                                                                          PAGE                                                               PAGE

The Auctioneers Act—Appointment.......                                                        4                     SUPPLEMENT Nos. 207, 208, 209

The HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act—
                                                                                              4                                 Acts, 2015

County Governments Notices ..........ccceecceecceccssesesseeeseessteeeseees                   4         The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act,
                                                                                                           2015                                               1953
The      Land Registration Act—Issue of Provisional
      Certificates, CC oeeeccecccecccessesssesssessessseessesssessessseessesseeeseeese     4-9          The Public Audit Act, 2015 oo                        2071

The Survey Act—Land Law Examinations........0...00..cccccc                                    9         The Government Proceedings (Amendment) Act,
                                                                                                           2015                                              2111
The Kenya Information and Communications Act—
   Application for a Licence .......ecseeeccesssseescesssseecesssneeeees                      a

The Companies Act—Creditors to Send in Particulars of
   Debts or Chairman. eeecseeeccsssecccssseccssnececeseccecsnsecnsnecesanseesnaes         9-10                           SUPPLEMENTNo.212
The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act—                                                                       Legislative Supplement
   Environmental Impact Assessment Study Repott............                                 10—      LEGAL NOTICE No.
Disposal of Uncollected Goods....                                                            11
                                                                                                        257—The Transfer of Prisoners Act, 2015—
Change of Names                                                                              11             Commencement... cece eeceeseseeeeeeeeeneeeees     1785

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