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28 October 2011

Malawi Government Gazette dated 2011-10-28 number 44

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                                  THE MALAWI GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                     (Published by Authority)
                           3>yU: Vol. XLVI11 No. 44]                                                                     Zomba, 28th October, 2011

                           Registered at the GP.O. as a Newspaper______________________________________ Price: K80.00

                                             Office of the President and Cabinet—Notice Promotions,               ' u
                                                   Appointments, etc., ....                                        183
                                                 —Change of Names Restriction Act—Notice                          183
                                                         Supplement containing Regulations, Rules etc
                                             Air Transport Licence
                                             Air Navigation Charges (Amendments) Regulations, 2011
                                             Airdrome Charges (Amendments) Regulations, 2011
                                             Aviation (Fees) (Amendments) Regulations. 2011

General Notice No. 75
J. J. Bisika, Principal Secretary (Grade C), with effect from 11th October, 2010. (O.P.C. Letter No. 15/16/16)
Bintony S. B. Kutsaira, Special Advisor to the President on Youth Development and Welfare (Grade E/P3), with effect from date of appointment.
     (O.P.C. Letter No. 15/17/1)
Owen P. Wanda, as Deputy Director for Higher Education (Grade E/P4), with effect from 10th August, 2011. (O.P.C. Letter No. CS/5/001)

                                                              ACTING APPOINTMENT
Elliot Phiri Director of Policy (Grade D), with effect from 18th August, 2011. (O.P.C. Letter No. 15/16/5)

John Msonthi, Brigadier General, to be Major General (Grade C), with effect from 22nd July, 2011. (O.P.C. Letter No. 15/16/16)
C. T. Kafuwa, Brigadier General, to be Lieutenant General (Grade C), with effect from 22nd July, 2011. (O.P.C. Letter No. 15/16/16)

General Notice No. 76
                                                                                       Moses Shur Kalonga to Moses Kunkuyu Kalonga-Shawa

            CHANGE OF NAME RESTRICTION ACT                                             Oliver Mdulamizu to Oliver Makupete

                               (Cap 24:02)                                             Francis John Chuza to Francis Hensley Chuza

      CHANGE OF NAME RESTRICTION REGULATION                                            James l.amya to James lamya Lewis Chaponda

                 Notice of Approval to Change Names                                    Brian Lungu to Gift Paulo

     The notice is hereby given that approval has been granted by His                  Mary Memory Chimango to Mary Memory Chirwa
Excellency the President Ngwazi Professor Bingu         wa   Muthalika to
                                                                                       Aubrey Dixon Balaka to Aubrey Dixon Barabara
the underlisted persons to change names as stated below—
                                                                                       Peter Zalimba Niupanyama to Peter Zalimba Chilumpha
     Nthachi Sheila Mvula to Sheila Mvula
                                                                                       Frank Fred Yizukanh Simwakato Yizukanji Zaphnath-Paneah
     Carlington Mapemba to Carlington Nongwe
                                                                                             Kabui.ungu Simwaka
     Lionel January Chikopa Yoweri to Lionel January Yoweri
                                                                                       Wilkins Chancy leman to Kuseni lemani Visabwe
                                                                                       Gift Mtika to Gift Mitka Chizewe
     Edwin Visabwe Dikirani to Edwin Dikirani Visabwe
                                                                                       Onely Sakala to Patricia Sakala
     Mrs. Gloria Lusungu Chirwa to Ms. Gloria Manzani Paul Banda
                                                                                       Alfred Lazaro to Aifred Lazaro Funani
     Mary Munachena Chttseko       to   Maryann Munachena Chitseko
                                                                                       Tamala Kumwenda to Tamala Liwewe
     James Mtende Kayira to Zgorani Rhodas Mtende
                                                                                       Ms. Linda Mkandawire to Mrs. Linda Moyo
     Winstone Lowani Mbeye to Winstone Lowani Simbeye
                                                                                       All persons are authorized and required at all times to designate,
     Chrissy Ganizani Banda to Christina Ganizani Banda
                                                                                  describe and address such persons by the said new names only.
     Sevana Kavangira to Sf.vana Antonio
                                                                                       Dated 26th August, 2011.
     Charles Kamlomo to Joshua Kamlomo

     Mwaytwala Ivy Chtpukunya to Ivy Margaret Chipukunya                                                                            Bright Msaka
                                                                                                                          Chief Secretary to the Government

                                        Printed and published by the Government Printer, Zomba, Malawi—24202

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