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21 October 2009

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 2009-10-21 number 84

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       Federal Republic of Nigeria
            O fficial Gazette
  No.84 .                                              A b u j a - 2 1 s t O c to b e r , 2 0 0 9                   V o l.9 6

  Government N otice No.           385

             T he f o llo w in g is p u b lis h e d a s S u p p le m e n t in th is     G a z e tte   :

  & /. No.                                                             Short Title                                      Ihige
  43         G u id e lin e s fo r M o u s in g D e v e lo p m e n t in th e F ed e ra l C a p ita l
             Territory ( F C T ) , A b u j a ..                          ..                     ..        ..   B 1595-1601 *lo

                    Printed and Published by The Federal Government Printer, Abuja, Nigeria
                                            FGP 98/62010/500 (OL 81)

  feco i^n,uu^ ®*Mb««riptUni Ihnn Ul Jimunry, 2010 I* U cnl i NI5.00U.0O Overseas: N21,500.00 (Surlkc Mail! N2T>t)0,oo
$ %\\    ^'*nss ^ ' r Mnil]. Present issue N350.00 per copy. Subscribers who wish lo obtain Gazelle alter Isi January should
      lo the Federal Government Primer, Abuja for amended Subscriptions.
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