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17 January 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1985-01-17 number 3 part B

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 Supplement to Official Gazette No. 3. Vol.
                                            72, 17th January, 1985—Part B

 S.L. 1 of 1985

                                    TRADE DISPUTES ACT 1970
                                             (1976 No, 7)
        Trade Dispute (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporatio
                                                              n and National
                     Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers)

                                Confirmation of Award Notice 1985

      Pursuant to the provision ofsection Y (3) of the Trade Disput
                                                                    es Act 1970, the Industrial
 Arbitration Panel Award made on the 11th of July 1984 and
                                                              set out in the Scheduleheret:
 has been confirmed by me, the Minister of Employment
                                                             , Labour and Producti ty and
 shall haveeffect as so confirmed in accordance with that provisi

 Vame uf -lrbitration, etc.        Parties to the Dispute              Terms of Award
 Industrial Arbitration       Nigerian National Petroleum After a careful consid
   Panel.                                                                         eration of
                                Corporation and National    the memoranda submitted by
                                Union of Petroleum and      both parties, the ‘Tribunal tinds
                                Natural Gas Workers.          that the Applicant's claims in
                                                              respect of the following items
                                                              lack merit    and awards accord-
                                                                (1) Payment of utility alluw-
                                                              ance-—No award.
                                                                (71) Increase   in shift allow-
                                                              ance—No award.
                                                                (ut) Payment)     of     chemical
                                                              hazard      allowance—No   award.
                                                                (77) Product    concession-—No
                                                                (v) Increase      in     housing
                                                              allowance     rates—No      award.
                                                                (et) Application of “no work
                                                              no pay rule’—Deductions made
                                                              from the wages of the 13 Union
                                                              leaders    concerned   to   he
                                                              refunded to them.

Datep at Lagos this 17th day of December 1984.

                                                       MAJOR-GENERAL SOLOMON OMOJOKUN,
                                                            Minister of Employment, Labour
                                                                    and Productivity
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