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9 October 1988

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1988-10-09 number 70 part B

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 Supplement to Official Gazette No. 70, Vol. 45, 9th October, 1988—Part B

 L.N. 160 of 1958
         oe                         1958 No. 1514
             |                     CIVIL AVIATION                                        °
                 The Colonial Civil Aviation (Application of Act)
                           (Amendment) Order, 1958
        Made...        660    uu      ne       ae         cee UK September, 1958
        Laid before Parliamen         we        ae        ..   17th September, 1958
        Going into Operation          15        ss Vi.            Ist October, 1958
      At the Coutt at Balmoral the 1ith day of September, 1958
                                           Present,        .
               "Phe Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty in Council
   Wrenkas it is expedient to amend the Colonial Civil Aviation (Application
 of Act) Order, 1952(a), in the manner hereinafter appearing:
 B. Now, Tixrurors, Her Majesty, in pursuance of the powers vested in Her
_,by the Civil Aviation Act, 1949(6) andof all other powers enabling Her in
  that behalf, is pleased by and with the advice of Her Privy Council; to
~ order, andit is hereby ordered, as follows :-- coun                            ~           §
      1. (1) This Order may be cited as the Colonial Civil Aviation (Ap lication                          Citation,
    of Act} (Amendment) Order, 1958, and shall be construed as one ith the                                construc-

    Colonial Civil Aviation (Application of Act) Orders, 1952 to 1955(c).
                                                                                                         ~ tion and
    _ (2) This Order and the Colonial Civil Aviation (Application of Act)                                 ment.

 “Orders, 1952 to 1955, may be citedtogether ag the Colonial Civil Aviation
  (Application of Act) Orders, 1952 to 1958,
      (3) Thia Order shall come into operation on the 1st day of October, 1958.
      2. This Order shall not apply to Ghana.                  ae ~                                  -    Order not to
                                                                        ™“                                apply to
      3. The Colonial Civil Aviation (Application of Act) Order, 1952, as                                 Amend-
    amended Py the Colonial Civil Aviation (Application of Act) (Amendment)                               mentofthe
    Order, 1953(d), is hereby amendedas follows :           .                                             Civil
         (a) In paragraph (1) of Article 2 the words “"The West African                                   Aviation
       Territories’ means those territories set out in the Third Schedule of this                         ofAct} Order,
v      Order: are omitted ;                    cat                                                        1952.
         (8) In the proviso to Article 3 the words “or to the West African
       territories”are omitted ;                      °             .                            :
         (¢) Schedute IILis omitted,
                                                                         W. G. Agnew
                 ,              . Exptanarory Notes.                         .       ;
             (This Note is not part of the Order but is intended to indicate
                                  its general purport.)
       Thig Order amends the Colonial Civil Aviation(Application of Act)
    . Order, 1952, sq as to empower the Gavernor-Gene  of Nigeria and the
     Governors of Sierra Leone and the Gambia to make licensing regulations
     for air transport and commercial flying in those territorics.
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